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Academic Project

Experienced Proofo editors improve your language and provide feedback on your any academic project’s structure and clarity. Our editors are ready to edit and review your academic project for clarity.

Perfect Your Academic Writing

Academic life involves much writing. Perhaps you are writing your doctoral dissertation, writing a conference paper, or preparing a lecture or presentation. No matter what you’re working on, with our academic proofreading, editing and scientific reviewing services, you can rest assured that your writing will be clear and concise, with a strong academic style. Our huge team includes editors with PhDs and master’s degrees in a wide range of subject areas. We have also proofread and edited thousands of academic documents so far. That means we understand the high standard of writing academia requires and will use our skills and experience to make your writing the best it can be. So, whether you’re an expert in art, sociology, medicine, or history, we’ll match you with the one of the our best editors for your writing needs.